• LR Tech Park Staff

LR Tech Park Board Meeting - June 12, 2019

The Little Rock Technology Park Authority Board will hold its regularly scheduled monthly meeting Wednesday, June 12th at 4PM. The meeting will take place in the Mary Good Conference Center on the first floor of the Little Rock Technology Park.


  1. Approval of May 8, 2019 meeting minutes

  2. Financial Report

  3. Monthly financial statements (May)

  4. Techmecolor/Mike Steely

  5. Report from Brent Birch, Tech Park Executive Director

  6. Phase 1 update

  7. Phase 2 update

  8. Other Business from the Board

  9. Venture Center service curriculum

  10. CMAR agreement

  11. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Exec. Director Professional Development Progress

  12. General Discussion

  13. Public Comments

  14. Adjourn


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