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New Coffee Shop To Open In The Little Rock Technology Park

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Little Rock entrepreneur Creighton Ralls today announced the opening of a new venture to be housed in the Little Rock Technology Park. The Paranoid Android is the third coffee shop opening under Ralls’ company, Cleopatra. Other shops operating under Cleopatra include 2Twenty1 and Cleo’s Corner located in the Arkansas Department of Commerce.

The opening of the new coffee shop will also mark Little Rock Technology Park’s official reopening to the public. While the Tech Park has been open to tenants during the pandemic, public spaces have been closed.

The Paranoid Android will serve amazing coffee, yummy fresh food and eventually a Happy Hour(s) beginning July 19th and open 7:30 until at least 3:00.

“We’re excited to be a new tenant of the Little Rock Technology Park and look forward to serving the public and bringing the Tech Park lobby back to life. As an Arkansas small business owner, it’s been a dream to start a venture on Main Street in the state’s Capitol city,” said Ralls. “Add coffee, technology, and ideas to the mix, and we’re on to something great. To give the community a place to gather, enjoy coffee, be inspired, or create the next big thing is incredibly exciting. We can’t wait to welcome new customers into the space for food, coffee, and connection.”

“The Little Rock Technology Park is thrilled to welcome The Paranoid Android to the community,” said Brent Birch, executive director of the Little Rock Technology Park. “The Little Rock Tech Park’s mission is to provide a stimulating environment, to accelerate the location of technology-based ventures and formation of new ventures, and having an operating coffee shop again marks an exciting new beginning for our entire Tech Park community.

The Paranoid Android is scheduled to soft open July 12th, and will serve coffee, light breakfast and lunch options, pastries and depending on demand Happy Hour(s). For more information, visit

About Cleopatra Cleopatra LLC was founded to create business ventures tailored around our employees’ experiences and customers’ preferences. So far we have been mildly successful and enjoy a rich working environment, so either way we’ve some goodwill to show for our efforts. We believe in engaging customer service, quality products and loving on Little Rock.

About the Little Rock Technology Park The Little Rock Technology Park is an innovation center enabling new forms of enterprise, collaboration, knowledge-sharing and commercialization of ideas within and between Arkansas’ entrepreneur, private, government and academic sectors.

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